About Us


Primus Health Network prides itself on its association with industry experts, top-quality health Plans and a family of exceptional physicians.

Most primary care physicians overlook significant revenue opportunities presented by Managed Care health plans, limiting their practices to programs such as those offered by Health Options, United Healthcare and others. In fact, reimbursement from these plans is largely indistinguishable from traditional indemnity insurers. In most cases, physicians pursuing the next level of Managed Care find the financial risks too great and the learning curve too steep.

Fortunately, the South Florida market is unique because it offers primary care physicians a range of Medicare Managed Care and Medicare Advantage Plan strategies that can significantly increase your monthly revenue. However, without sound guidance regarding these plans and strategies, the risks are often too great.

Primus Health Network, a physician-owned management services organization (MSO), assists primary care practices in reaping the benefits of exponential Medicare Managed Care revenues with zero downside risk. Starting with a guaranteed primary care reimbursement (in excess of $100 per visit), Primus provides additional, significant incentives for the “gatekeeper” functions that you are probably already providing to patients, though you are not likely being paid for them.

Primus is…

Other companies, hospitals and plans provide generalized MSO services along with a multitude of other services they hope to sell. Primus’ sole business is to provide a first-class MSO network to qualified Managed Care and Medicare Advantage plans in South Florida. It’s ALL we do. We believe we are simply the best at it, and our Primary Care partners agree.
Our business focuses on your needs, on your specific opportunities and on the distinct challenges of the South Florida marketplace, where our regional knowledge and network of contacts are unparalleled.
Primus offers expertise in all facets of practice operation (Staffing, EMR, MRA, HEDIS, Quality Assurance, Chart Review and Billing) as well as complete business development from multimedia marketing to patient acquisition and maintenance to contract and buyout negotiations.  And there is never a charge to you.
Unlike other MSOs, Primus does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. New practices may be seeking increased revenue in the short-term; mature practices may strive to grow providers internally or add additional locations; and older practices may be interested in maximizing value with an eye to eventual sale. Primus principals have experienced this practice lifecycle personally. The challenges at each stage are different; the solutions must be tailored accordingly.
Primus takes great pride in the fact that each of our primary care partners has earned significant incentive payments within the first year of contracting at full risk. We recognize how busy you are with your own practice; our organized step-wise approach is designed to add significant business that augments your current operations, never disrupting it.